Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection Reports

An experienced inspector will prepare your Home Inspection Reports with easy-to-read details on:

· The condition of every major component from the roof to the basement
· Major and minor deficiencies
· Any major expenditures necessary
· What to watch out for
· Helpful home preservation tips
· Safety concerns
· And much more

Our Home Inspector will review the detailed report with you to make sure you understand everything and answer any remaining questions. There is no charge for a walk-through consultation if you arrive at the end of your home inspection.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

A home inspection is a visual process where all of the items typically used within a home are tested and/or operated to verify proper operation or installation. Doors and windows are opened and closed, roofing materials inspected, air-conditioning and heating systems operated. The Inspector will fill the sinks and tub(s), run the shower(s), and flush the toilets all the while making notes on the condition and operation of the components tested. Upon completion a report will be distributed to you.

Seller Certified Home Program (Pre-Listing Inspections)

Listing inspections are very good for the homeowner who may not be in tune with the condition of their home. A great many sales are cancelled due to the buyer's shock at the "functional condition" of the home. It may look great, but have serious technical, safety, or functional issues present without the owner's knowledge. Having the home inspected prior to placing on the market is the ideal way to identify and either repair or disclose the issue found in the Inspection Report. Obviously, repairing the items would be the most beneficial towards completing the sale. However, there may be financial reasons where the owner can't make the repairs. Disclosing them up front and pricing the home based upon that disclosure will often times produce a higher net sales price for the owner.

Consultation - Initial Walk-Through Inspection

This inspection is designed for property investors who would like an assessment of the existing condition of the property. We will walk through with you, provide a checklist, and answer questions. No report is issued or photos taken.

Partial Inspection

A partial inspection is available for homeowners, homebuyers/sellers, or investors who wish to know the condition of a system or structural components of the home. View a sample of our roof-only inspection here.

Radon Testing

Why test for radon?

Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas.  You can't see radon and you can't smell it or taste it.  But it may be a problem in your home.  Radon is estimated to cause many thousands of deaths each year.  That's because when you breathe air containing radon, you can get lung cancer.  In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today.  Only smoking causes more lung cancer deaths.  If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high. Lester Inspection Services, Inc. is a member of the National Environmental Health Association and National Radon Proficiency Program. Residential Measurement Provider #104894 RT. For more information on radon visit www.radongas.org (NEHA) or www.epa.gov/radon. Lester Inspection Services, Inc. uses a Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitor which produces immediate results after a 48-hour testing period.  View a sample radon report here.

Termite & Wood Destroying Organisms Inspections

We also offer termite and wood destroying organisms inspections. Drywood and subterranean termites are the most destructive insect pests of wood, causing more than $1.7 billion in damages and cost of control each year in the U.S. alone.  Besides the monetary impact, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one's home are an emotionally trying experience, not to mention the thought of termites silently feasting on one's largest investment. Lester Inspection Services Inc. is a state licensed commercial pesticide applicator. Our Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification Number is 19141.

Mold / Allergen Inspection & Testing

The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) was developed as a screening tool to evaluate potential risk of indoor mold growth.  Mold accumulates in homes over time and can be found in carpet dust and other accumulation sites.  Using mold-specific quantitative PCR (MSQPCR), targeted mold species can be quantified biochemically. The EPA Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) report is now available.

View a sample ERMI report and a sample MoldSCORE report. We use EmLab P&K.

Siding | Moisture Testing | Moisture-Free Warranty

Homeowners have brought class action lawsuits against some of the larger manufacturers. Some materials have been determined to be faulty or defective as a result of their design, installation, or both. Craig Lester is a Certified Siding Specialist and Exterior Design Institute inspector.

Scope of Inspection

This is a basic, Stone Veneer / EIFS / Stucco inspection limited to the following:

1. A visual examination of the condition of the stucco, exterior sealants, flashing, windows, doors, roof-to-stucco transitions, parapets, gutters, deck-to-building connections, stone veneer terminations and any penetrations through the stone veneer.

2. Conduction of random electronic moisture scanning of the building envelope.

3. Preparing a report of our observations of potential problem areas and recording any high readings found.

4. Providing detailed information on typical moisture-related problems in stucco homes to assist you in maintaining the value of your home.

5. Moisture testing provided upon request.

Here are articles from the Journal of Light Construction on Stone Veneer, EIFS, and Stucco.

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